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The Tony Pass ThinSkirt™ Rim

In 2003 Tony Pass started producing a rim with a radically new design. The upper part of the rim is the standard 3/4-inch thickness, but the bottom part is considerably thinner. Tony had noticed that if he struck a rim with a thick wall, it had a higher pitch than did a rim having a thinner wall but the same outer diameter. It was reasoned that since a thin piece of wood is more flexible than a thick piece, it would vibrate at a lower frequency if its weight was not too much lower. And, of course, a ThinSkirt rim has a larger air chamber inside the hoop.

Most rims now being made by Tony are of the ThinSkirt design. However, he will accommodate the wishes of those wanting rims with the conventional design. And, for those owning Tony's conventional rims, he will be happy to modify them to the ThinSkirt design for a nominal fee.

The Tony Pass ThinSkirt rim (patent pending).

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