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About Tony

Tony Pass

Tony Pass is a machine designer with thirty years experience. He is also a master gunsmith and builder of competition grade rifles. Late in life Tony became interested in banjos, and his fascination with the instrument led him to construct an openback rim for his personal banjo. During this process he became interested in the varied properties of the wood he was working with.

Tony began to experiment with various new and old woods, ultimately developing the much-acclaimed Lost Timbre™ block rim. All of Tony's rims are built using wood from Timeless Timber™.

About Keebey

The name Keebey Schaeffer might not be familiar to you, but he has been an integral part of Tony Pass Banjo Rims ever since it was established in February of 2002. The fine lines you see between the blocks are Keebey’s handiwork. He also turns rims, fits parts, stains the wood, and does finishing work. His background is mechanical, working in machine shops, so he is very familiar with turning items on a lathe and using micrometers. In summary, Keebey is proficient in every aspect of rim making. If you own a Tony Pass rim, you have an example of his work.

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