Tony Pass Banjo Rims -- Lost Timbre


A Lost Timbre block rim will dramatically improve the sound of any modern banjo, giving it more volume, a fuller tone, and greater clarity. Here are some examples of Tony's rims. Rims are custom made using Timeless Timber and can be fitted to Stelling, Gibson, and all other types of banjos.

For additional information about Tony Pass rims, click here to read what noted luthier Scott Zimmerman had to say in the January 2003 issue of Banjo Newsletter. Click here to read what Bill Palmer says about the new thin skirt rims. Click here to read an interview with Tony in the September 2003 issue of Banjo Newsletter.

TP Schaeffer Rims

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Stelling Rims

Stelling Rim

Gibson Rims

Gibson Rim

ThinSkirt Rims

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