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Sponsorships and Endorsements

Kipper Stitt of Pine Mountain Railroad

ATLANTA, GA (July 8, 2002) Tony Pass Banjo Rims of Louann, Arkansas announced they have signed a sponsorship agreement with Kipper Stitt of the bluegrass band Pine Mountain Railroad. Kipper plays banjo, sings baratone and is also a talented songwriter with the band. Tony Pass designed the Gibson Rim for Kipper's banjo. Kyle Smith of The Banjo Setup Specialist installed and set up the banjo. Mr. Smith stated, "The Tony Pass rim design will be one of the greatest innovations and influences in the banjo world for years to come. The choice materials used in these rims came from forest canopy growth trees, that have been laying under great water pressure at the bottom of Lake Superior since the mid-1800s. The intricate design of the Tony Pass rims takes the maximum advantage of the block configuration giving the instrument unparalled amount of volume and a deep reflected thick bass s tring with the added hollowness that only "old" wood can provide. Tony provides rims made out of your choice of birch maple. There is no better rim for a banjo on the market today."

Kipper Stitt stated, "I can hardly believe it's the same banjo! With the Tony Pass banjo rim, my RB-250 has come to life! The volume is incredible, the tone is deep and full on the low end, and crystal clear at the high end. My banjo now has sustain like it never has before. This opens the door for new licks and new ideas! Anyone ready to upgrade their banjo to a different one should save their money and install Tony's "old wood" rim. They will be amazed and save a load of money in the process!"

Kipper Stitt has received numerous awards and recognition for his banjo playing. Kipper can be heard playing his banjo in the commercial radio advertisements for Odom's Tennessee Pride Real Country Sausage. Pine Mountain Railroad is busy traveling across the country performing many concerts and festivals. Their schedule can be accessed on their website at

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